Board approves BISP Employees Service Regulations

ISLAMABAD, MAR 12 – Chairperson BISP, Sania Nishtar has chaired 31st meeting of BISP Board at BISP Secretariat on Tuesday.

It was 2nd Board meeting since she assumed office of Chairperson in October 2018. During the meeting, the Board deliberated upon various important agenda items, including approval of the budget, proposed service contracts with financial institutions, National Socio Economic Registry-NSER survey and related budgetary matters were discussed.

The Board approved BISP Employees Service Regulations to provide career path to the BISP employees and new pay packages.

The Board emphasized that in order to develop an effective organizational culture the performance evaluation mechanisms should be improved to objectively measure the efficiency of the staff and to develop a new corporate culture of integrity, transparency and effective performance.

The Chairperson briefed the Board on the governance enhancing measures adopted in the Programme over the previous four months, including time bound and measurable action plans and Risk mitigation strategies.

She assured of her commitment to improve operational working of the organization in a more transparent way with the active support of the Board and management.

The Chairperson informed the Board that the present government has as extensive social protection and poverty alleviation agenda and BISP is geared to play a leading role in its execution.

In order to do this effectively, there is a need to develop BISP as a robust and efficient organization. She expressed the hope that the Board and employees of BISP will contribute to fulfill the expectations of the Government and the people of Pakistan from the Programme.


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